About us

Tukaj Mapping

The products we manufacture are used in many fields of our life and are becoming more and more widely applied. The obtained vector data of objects can be found in GPS car systems, Internet maps of cities, geoportals, emergency management centres or information systems of particular industry branches.

Our key products are Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that support the decision-making process by combining the traditional database with a three-dimensional spatial map. The descriptive data for objects can be located in space and give an image on the map. It becomes the key to conducting the analysis of spatial relations, optimisation of activities and tasks executed by our Clients.

Our experience gained when executing various projects for global customers guarantees highest quality products created on the basis of advanced digital technology.

21 years of experience

Our specialties

We are specialising in computer processing and preparing aerial and satellite images as well as creating integrated GIS and SIT information systems. The technologies we use have been the leading technologies in the world ranking list of digital cartography systems for many years now.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide customers with system solutions supporting decision-making processes at all management levels on the basis of spatial information.

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