Updating of ArcGIS database for Springfield (USA)


We have updated the database of the Geographic System of Spatial Information. The project was to involve entering the data of the Digital Terrain Model and updating of vector data for the area of 4500 ha.

At first, we collected data for the Digital Terrain Model on the basis of the digital frame camera DMC by Intergraph. The data obtained in the ImageStation by Intergraph was characterised by the accuracy of 0.6 ft (0.18m). We converted data to TIN and GRID formats and then created a contour map – contour interval 2 ft (0.6m). We also updated vector data in ImageStation. Map scale: 1”:100’ (1:2000).

The database of the Geographic Information System was supplied through the conversion of vector data and descriptive data to ArcGIS format. On the basis of the analysis of source data and updated data, we identified the modified, removed or added objects.


Visualization of the vector data source Visualization of the resulting vector data Vector Data Visualization - ARCGIS Wizualizacja danych wynikowych - ARCGIS