Computerisation of public administration resources

In order to meet the demands of public administration at various levels, we offer products and services that increase the effectiveness of administration process management. We are one of few companies able to deliver complex solutions, both in the range of programming, the necessary IT equipment and the processing of the existing data as well as its implementation in the target environment. Within this project, we offer training for administrators and system users as well as full warranty and post-warranty support.

Our products and services enable the following:

  • Considerable facilitation of the daily work of administration staff, which leads to significant improvement of quality and speed of customer service, 
  • Increased possibilities of customer access to the office – simplified procedures of filling applications on the Internet allow for reducing the duration of customer service by more than 50%,
  • Possibility of independent downloading of information by a customer electronically, to the extent permitted by mandatory regulations – this reduces the time necessary for serving these customers to zero,
  • Support of decision-making processes – by transforming the present registers and the registers used so far from analogue to electronic ones as well as preparing sample questions, reports and data analyses contained in electronic databases,
  • Shortening the time of access to up-to-date information contained in registers – electronic collection of data and the suitable structure of the base that enables simple data updating while on-line access ensures quickness and guarantees that the information which is made available is up-to-date,
  • Easy management of authorisation allocated to individual system users – to download, enter or modify information, both by the employees of the office (through the Intranet) and by customers (through the Internet).

In our solutions, we base on tested and reliable platforms, e.g. Geomedia, Oracle, ESRI and, if justified, use open-source software.



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