Tukaj Mapping has offered its services with the use of photogrammetric technologies, laser scanning (LiDAR) and widely understood GIS since 2000.


In this period, together with our partners from the USA and Europe, we have executed many projects for the following economy branches: energy, road construction, spatial planning, water management, emergency management.


Already in 2004 we were the first Polish company mentioned in the American report “Lidar Industry Directory 2004”. In the same year, in appreciation of the unique value of the solution called “lidargrammetry” and the potential lying in the combination of LiDAR technology and  photogrammetry, Tukaj Mapping was one of the first companies worldwide to take part in testing and giving opinions on LidarCuePack programme produced by GeoCue


In 2006 we were again the only Polish company named the market leader in the report drafted at the Victoria University (USA) devoted to developmental trends of LiDAR technologies, entitled: “LiDAR-Overview of Technology, Application, Market Features & Industry”.


When executing projects, we lay emphasis on high quality of products and effectiveness of work. In order to achieve this, we create our own specialist applications and tools, implement technological processes that ensure the current control of data. In order to conduct the analyses and control, we use many applications of world-known brands, such as ESRI, Intergraph, TerraSolid or open source software.



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