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So far only about 200 people from all over the world (including eight Poles) have managed to complete the Seven Summits, i.e. the highest peaks of all continents. Within the "TUKAJ MAPPING EXPEDITIONS" project initiated by Jarek Rudka, our IT Manager, we have successfully organised four expeditions:

  • Mont Blanc
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Elbrus
  • the highest mountain in the world beyond Asia - Aconcagua.

From among the Seven Summits, only Mount Everest remains higher. Our next challenge will be the colossal mountain in Alaska – Mount McKinley – a very difficult and very cold mountain.

In the "TUKAJ MAPPING EXPEDITIONS" programme, Jarek represents Poland, Tukaj Mapping and the entire industry of Polish land surveyors. There are only a few more peaks left and Polish land surveyors will complete the next set of summits.

Christmas Party 2010.

It all began with the unexpected question from the executives concerning our opinion on organising a Christmas party for the employees from Krakow and Warsaw. A party combining the elements of a wafer-sharing party, a Carnival party and a dancing party...

When the evening came and we all gathered around a huge table, we were welcome by a brief speech delivered by the President, We made a toast to healthy and wealthy life and began...eating. It was followed by other dishes, then some more foods and a few more snacks for the dessert. All this with various colourful and transparent drinks.

Somewhere in the middle of the feast, the President offered a surprise. A few of the employees with the greatest merits for the company received original gifts, with commendation and congratulations. In order for other employees not to feel sorry, Santa Claus Ryszard with his elves Mariusz and Aleksander brought presents with the company’s logo for everyone: small hip flasks for boys and thermal mugs for girls. Obviously it was not easy as the group is characterised by considerable spirit of individualism and not everyone was ready to succumb to this division, so finally everyone received what they liked best.

There was a DJ with a charming lady singer who cared for our good mood all the time. The duo took untiring efforts to convince the banqueters to get up and go to the dance floor. Slowly the dance floor was becoming full when small groups gradually went there to dance, after having a few drinks. The integration between branches, departments and particular individuals was thriving and people were dancing and having fun in varied forms and configurations.

One could say that the party could have finished at bright dawn unless it had been December. If the party had been held in summer, the rising sun would have definitely welcome the guests leaving the party.

And we were present there, drinking tea and wine, dancing to the music and describing it all for you here...

Ania Pazdro 22.06.2011

LIDAR Aerial Scanning, ISOK project - progress 18.11.2011

Works on the ISOK project devoted to LIDAR aerial scanning upon the commission of the Head Office of Land Surveying and Cartography are in progress now. Up until today, the consortium has elaborated data for 13,700 square kilometres for area number 1.

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Inspection of farms 2011 14.11.2011

The Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture chose the best offers for eight successive parts of the tender for the local on-site control with the PHOTO method.

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